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Carpe Jugulum 2022 Edition | Terry Pratchett Books | Discworld Novels
Carpe Jugulum - NEW Cover Edition
Carpe Jugulum - NEW Cover Edition
Carpe Jugulum - NEW Cover Edition
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Carpe Jugulum – NEW cover edition

Terry Pratchett’s twenty-third Discworld adventure, starring witches, vampires, a priest called Mightily and a young witch with a split personality! Vampires have come to Lancre, but they’re not what you’d expect. Sure, they drink blood and view humans as dinner, but they’re not a bit afraid of garlic . . .


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“‘Carpe Jugulum,’ read Agnes aloud. ‘That’s . . . well, Carpe Diem is Seize the Day, so this means -‘
‘Go for the throat . . .'”

The Magpyr family are out of the casket and want a bite of the future. But they haven’t met the neighbours yet.

In this and indeed other lives there are givers and takers. It’s safe to say that vampires are very much in the latter camp. They don’t have much time for the givers of this world – except perhaps mealtimes – and even less for priests. Mightily Oats has not picked a good time to be a priest; he knows he has a prayer, but he wishes he had an axe. Lancre’s newest residents are a thoroughly modern, sophisticated vampire family. They’ve got style and fancy waistcoats, but between them and Lancre stand Granny Weatherwax, Nanny Ogg and Magrat, who is trying to combine witchcraft and nappies. As for young Agnes, well she really is in two minds about everything.

Carpe Jugulum is the sixth book in the Witches series (but you can read the Discworld novels in any order!).

Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9781804990131