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Interesting Times – NEW cover edition

There are many who say that the art of diplomacy is an intricate and complex dance. There are others who maintain that it’s merely a matter of who carries the biggest stick. The oldest and most inscrutable (not to mention heavily fortified) empire on the Discworld is in turmoil and, for some reason, someone believes Rincewind will have a vital role in the coming war . Terry Pratchett’s seventeenth Discworld adventure features Mighty Battles! Revolution! Death! War! (And his sons Terror and Panic and daughter Clancy) . . .


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‘There is a curse. They say: may you live in interesting times . . .’

This is the worst thing you can wish on a citizen of Discworld. Especially for the magically challenged Rincewind, who has already had far too much excitement in his life. Unfortunately, the unlucky wizard always seems to end up in the middle of, well, absolutely everything.

So when a request for a ‘Great Wizzard’ arrives from the faraway Counterweight Continent, it’s obviously Rincewind who’s sent. For one thing, he’s the only one who spells wizard that way. Once again Rincewind is thrown headfirst into a dangerous adventure brought about by the revolutionary treatise What I did on My Holidays. Workers are uniting, with nothing to lose but their water buffaloes; warlords are struggling for power – and what the nation wants, to avoid terrible doom for everyone, is a wizzard. Rincewind is not the Disc’s premier wizard – in fact, he can’t even spell ‘wizard’ – but no-one specified whether competence was an issue. And they do have a very big stick.

Interesting times is the fourth book in the Wizards series and seventeenth in the Discworld canon, (but you can read the Discworld novels in any order!).

Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9781804990278