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Monstrous Regiment New Cover | Terry Pratchett | Discworld Books
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Monstrous Regiment – NEW cover edition

Terry Pratchett’s 31st Discworld Book in paperback, featuring Polly Perks and the Tenth Foot Regiment of the Borogravian Army (AKA the Cheesemongers), & Abominations Unto Nuggan!


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Polly Perks runs away to join the army, but this is Borogravia where women joining the army is an Abomination unto the god Nuggan, Polly must pull her xocks up and stuff them down her trousers to join the ranks of Borogravian Army’s Tenth Foot Regiment, where nobody is quite who they seem . . .

This striking paperback edition features artwork by Leo Nickolls with elements of Paul Kidby’s iconic cover artwork.

Monstrous Regiment is the thirty-first book in the Discworld canon (but you can read the Discworld novels in any order!).

Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd
ISBN: 9781804990513