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Mort - Introductory Edition| Terry Pratchett Books | Discworld Novels
Mort - Introductory Edition
Mort - Introductory Edition
Mort - Introductory Edition
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Mort – Introductory Edition

One of three paperback Discworld editions, designed to welcome new readers to the wonderful world of Terry Pratchett and the delights of Discworld! Features a special introduction by Pratchett’s Good Omens accomplice, Neil Gaiman!

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Death recruits an apprentice to carry out his duties in the mortal realm in Terry Pratchett’s fourth Discworld book! Join Mort, for a ride of a lifetime with Death Binky and a host of fantastic characters in this special introductiory edition with foreward by Pratchett’s Good Omens co-author, Neil Gaiman!

The genius of Pratchett is that he never goes for the straight allegory . . . he remains one of the most consistently funny writers around; a master of the stealth simile, the time-delay pun and the deflationary three-part list . . . I could tell which of my fellow tube passengers had downloaded it to their e-readers by the bouts of spontaneous laughter.


Publisher: Transworld Publishers Ltd