Steeleye Span: Wintersmith

An epic folk-rock collaboration from mutual fans Steeleye Span and Sir Terry Pratchett, based on the Discworld novel Wintersmith - the third Tiffany Aching adventure!

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Steeleye Span famously played at Terry's 60th birthday party and they have been firm friends ever since. This deluxe double CD album features four extra songs, plus eight live tracks from the Wintersmith Tour and two exclusive demo versions.

Features Maddy Prior, the voice of Steeleye for 40 years at the helm of the line-up, with band stalwart and fiddler extraordinaire Peter Knight, Rick Kemp on bass, Peter Zorn and Julian Littman on Guitars and Liam Genockey on the drum stool, With special guests Terry Pratchett, Kathryn Tickell and John Spiers.

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