"A packet of pre-perforated pin papers and a tenpenny lucky dip bag, please"

- Moist Von Lipwig, Going Postal

A Little Brown Envelope, or 'LBE', is a lucky dip assortment of Discworld Stamps suggested by Terry and inspired by Moist's visit to Daves Pin Exchange in Going Postal!

New LBE editions will appear every time a new stamp is released, approximately every month. However, if there is a special occasion such as a convention or commemoration we may release a super-duper edition containing ultra-exclusive stamps or prizes.

LBEs are a great way to build up a Discworld Stamp collection, containing a random selection of current stamps worth at least £5.00. Lucky envelopes (usually around one in three) will contain a sport (a stamp with a deliberate mistake) or rare editions otherwise unavailable for general sale. Stamps and their sports are usually available as whole sheets, but sometimes they can be exclusive to LBEs only - such as the famous $5 Blue Triangle.

Although all LBEs are limited edition, some special issues will have strictly limited numbers and will sell out jolly quickly, usually on the day of release. To avoid disappointment we advise signing up to our email newsletter for notice of forthcoming releases and the purchase of an LBE Season Ticket.



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    Discworld Stamp Assortment

    A little brown envelope containing an assortment of current Discworld stamps, including TWO new issues from Ankh-Morpork; the Engraver's Guild Penny, and A-M.P.O. Special Delivery Mail Coach stamp from Terry Pratchett's Discworld!

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    Avoid missing out on those popular limited editions with the purchase of an LBE Season Ticket! Choose from 6 or 11 issues and we'll reserve one of every LBE each time a new edition is released for the duration of your ticket! Please read the information below to learn more about how the LBE Season Ticket service works...

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