Discworld: A Cast of Thousands! Poster Print

Typographic poster featuring masses of wonderfully expressive and eccentrically named characters from Terry Pratchett's Discworld. Available in two sizes and finishes!

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There's no denying that Terry Pratchett has a knack for names - In who else's universe could the likes of Bestiality Carter, Drum Billet, Windle Poons and Snorey Littlebottom exist alongside the likes of Sir William Blunt-Instrument, Simplicity Garlick, Sidney Lopsides and Lettice Earwig?

This stylish poster is a veritable who's who of Discworld, with hundreds of Pratchett's character names appearing together on one splendid typographical image.

Produced using fade-resistant inks on 200gsm silk finish paper. All posters are sold unframed and sent rolled in a robust postal tube.

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